Weekly Roundup – Top Ten Tips on Writing a Blog

Do it! Blog about it!

Let me start by saying, I am by no means an expert when it comes to writing a blog. As explained in my post, Me and the Blog, my first attempt at writing a blog was pathetic. I posted a few pictures, wrote a short blurb about them and that was about it. Not very exciting and not very helpful. This time around, I’m hoping this blog will be a learning and teaching tool.

With the help of a few websites (Website 101, Type Pad and Social Media Examiner), I gathered 10 tips on writing a blog, that I found the most helpful.

1. Write about what matters to you

It is definitely a lot easier to write about something you are passionate about. Whether it be about photography or pancakes, if you love it, don’t be afraid to write about it. For me, photography is a way of life, so I am never at a loss of information to share.

2. Write about what you know

I’ll be the first to tell you that I have a lot to learn about photography. I do consider myself somewhat knowledgable on the subject, but I am a student first and teacher second.

When I was checking out my Google Alerts (mentioned in my post on Top Ten Small Business Tips), I came across a blog that literally left my head spinning. Here’s just a little sample:

“With regards to portrait photography it is now feasible over the traditional lines or easy it genuinely is inside of a more innovative type that should express the environment inside the instant to comprehend eloquence. Striking portraits are remembered forever and treasured by several. Typically, the topics inside the portrait stare straight ahead inside of the digicam and that is positioned at eye stage. Adhere to what they you modify the angle on the camera it’ll add a unique aspect to the portrait. Shooting from up, down or near up will give an interesting standpoint for the entire physical exercise.”

Huh? Even if you’re not a master of the written word, like myself, just speak from the heart and keep it simple and to the point.

3. Proof read for typos and grammatical errors

Now and know, they always get me. I don’t KNOW why that is, but I have been caught NOW and again mixing the two. There’s really no excuse for typos (spell check is a wonderful thing), but proper grammar might be challenging for some. I usually have my husband proof read my posts. When writing, I know exactly what I want to say, and at times I think I’m reading exactly what I wanted to say, but the mind plays tricks. Don’t be tricked!

4. Use Lists

Our short attention spans depend on it.

5. Use keywords often

This will help you stay on topic, and the search engines will love your blog. Your rankings will go up.

6. Make it valuable and worthwhile 

I thought if I posted a bunch of pretty pictures that would be enough to interest people. You need to give people a little more substance. Give them a reason for wanting to come back to see what else you have to say.

7. Research

Don’t pretend you know everything. Take the time to research some facts and be sure they are from reliable sources.

8. Share your story

In this day and age, it’s hard not to be paranoid about divulging too much personal information. However, I don’t think there is anything wrong with sharing a little about yourself when writing a blog. Let people know there is a person on the other end of the computer.

9. Get in the zone when writing

I can’t say that I just sit and type away about a subject. I actually don’t get in the “zone”. I find myself thinking about topics and content for my blog, while washing the dishes or maybe even changing a diaper. When an idea comes to you, don’t take the chance you might forget it. Write it down, send yourself a text, do something to ensure you don’t lose valuable information.

10. Finish what you started

This one is a reminder for me. I started this blog with specific goals in mind. I will continue to blog until I succeed, and then I’ll blog some more.

Do it! Blog about it!

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