Top Ten List – Helpful Websites with Tips for Photographing a Wedding

So, I was checking out my Google Alerts for the last two weeks and came across a site that looked pretty helpful. It had ideas for poses when photographing a groom and his groomsmen. Now, I was thinking that it is always nice to have some real solid “go to” poses when shooting a wedding. I have shot four weddings and have two coming up this year. I am definitely a newbie in the industry, but I’m always looking to improve. One day I would like to be that photographer who doesn’t pause for a moment when shooting a wedding. I want every pose, every idea, to just flow out of me without any hesitation. I realize this will come with time and experience. However, it doesn’t hurt to prepare as much as possible. After coming across the first site, I went searching for more. Here are the ten I found to be the most helpful when photographing a wedding.

1. Poses for the Groom and Groomsmen

There are some great ideas here. I think my favorite is the “Human Swing”. I’ll have to try that one, with waivers signed before hand, of course.

2. Flickr

There is a group on Flickr dedicated to “Wedding Poses for the Professional Wedding Photographer”. Over four thousand members and over 28,000 photos at your disposal. I’m sure there are some bad ones amongst the great ones, but talk about a great resource.

3. Zach & Jody

These guys are currently my favorite wedding photographers. There are plenty of great photographers out there, but this couple from Nashville share so much valuable information about shooting a wedding and the business of weddings. Their Creative Live workshop is worth every penny. Their tips on in-camera photography and marketing are amazing. I encourage you to check out their entire website, plenty of awesome photos.

4. Checklists are Good

I don’t know about you, but I love checklists. It is so satisfying to check things off the list. A feeling of accomplishment comes over me. Not to mention, without a list, I would forget what I needed to do. This website, Knot for Life, provides a pretty thorough checklist of all the “must haves”. You don’t want to miss a shot.

5. Poses for the Couple

After reading the article on 20 poses for the groom and groomsmen, and finding out the same author had put together a previous list, I had to include that one too. There are some great ideas here. I would try all 20!

6. Relaxing the Bride and Groom

It’s going to be pretty hard to get all those shots you have prepared for if the bride or groom, or possibly both, are completely tense and stiff. This site gives some helpful tips on loosening them up, which will enable you to capture a more relaxed couple. I especially like the tip about bringing in the bridal party first to take pictures with the couple. Being surrounded by close friends and family will help relax the couple.

7. Sallee Photography

This name should sound familiar. I posted a summary of the Sallee School workshop I attended in the beginning of April. I was pretty impressed by their wedding photography, so I included them in this top ten list. Here is a YouTube video showcasing their work.

8. Behind the Scenes

This post from Picture Correct was entertaining and informative. It follows the guys from 375 Photography and how they cover a wedding. I can’t say enough about Picture Correct. They are an awesome resource for all levels of photographers. Sign-up today and start learning!

9. Family Photos

The next most important people to photograph, right after the bride and groom, is the family. This site was passed on to me by a friend. They happen to be her favorite wedding photographers. Some great tips here and photos!

10. Now What Not to Do

As important as it is to know how to get those great and memorable shots, it doesn’t hurt to be reminded about those that don’t work. There were plenty of websites with rather embarrassing wedding photos. However, it was hard to find a site that didn’t contain inappropriate pictures. Luckily, Ellen Degeneres was nice enough to put together a little collection of some real winners. Enjoy!

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