My First Stab at a Photo-Sequence

For those that read my “Top 10 List of Potentially Influential Photographers“, I mentioned a photographer by the name of Duane Michals. I found his photo-sequences to be quite interesting. He would basically use a series of pictures to tell a story. Sometimes that story was very obvious and other times you were left with your own interpretation. A recent photo session inspired me to do my first photo-sequence.

Last Friday, I photographed a 4 week old baby boy. He was the most perfect little baby. He had a nice shaped head, no blemishes, the cutest nose and the biggest eyes. As much as I love my children, none of them looked this good at 4 weeks old. My oldest had the lumpiest head you have ever seen (as if I had conceived a child with the Elephant Man). My second daughter was the color of the Crayola Crayon, Goldenrod, when she was born (only slightly jaundice). My 3rd and 4th had noses like prize fighters (which did improve with age).

It was going to be pretty hard to take a bad picture of this baby. I took close to 300 photos.   The sequence below was taken at the beginning of the session. You can interpret the story any way you like. I will say, that in the end, everything came out alright.

Now, I would never compare this photo-sequence to the work of Duane Michals. Michals’ work is truly innovative and thought provoking. This sequence is simply cute. I saw these series of pictures and felt it told a story. It’s a familiar story, but one that needed to be told.

Photo-sequences may be based on a story you find within photos you have already taken. They might be intentionally constructed with photos you plan to take. Whatever the case may be, photo-sequences are truly an entertaining way to preserve, not just a moment in time but a series of moments. I look forward to my next photo-episode.

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