Sale of the Century

I have never been a fan of the yard sale. I would rather bag up the unwanted items and donate to a good cause. However, there were times I would host a sale to appease my mother. It definitely was a lot more work then it was worth (usually a total take of $12.00 for the weekend). My Mom loved having and attending yard sales. I can’t say it was really about the money. She just enjoyed seeing her things go to people that found them useful. It made her happy. A purchase could not be finalized without sharing a “brief” history of each item with the customer.

At times she drove me crazy with the items she tried selling. I recall a 20 year old pamphlet on cat care that was priced for 15 cents, a Fisher Price toy man from the seventies with a dented head for 5 cents, and countless other items one would deem trash. Back then I could never understand why she spent so much time and energy trying to sell these things.  I realize now that she felt everything had a value, even it it only meant 5 cents.

When my Mom passed away two years ago, I acquired a lot of things. It’s amazing how much “stuff” one woman can accumulate in a lifetime. I would say she was probably a borderline hoarder. Though she would have not made the cut to appear on any television shows or was not in need of any serious therapy. She just found a reason for owning everything she had.

Once my sisters and I went through a majority of her things (my Dad reminds me there is plenty more to peruse), I took all the unwanted items and decided to have one last yard sale in her memory. So after sitting in my basement for two years, I am finally keeping my word and trying to sell countless bins of knick knacks.

While setting up for the sale today, I found a few things.

My plan was to donate any proceeds from the sale to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. However, the plan is now to take the money and put it towards a donation to help a family member recently diagnosed with cancer. Having been laid off 3 months before being diagnosed, he and his family are faced with a long road of difficult times.

I know my Mom would have not agreed with how I am running the yard sale (nothing is priced), but she would have wanted to help family. Even with all her “stuff”, she never lost sight of what was important, family and friends.

I love and miss you Mom! It’s just not the same having a yard sale without you.

2 thoughts on “Sale of the Century

  1. Karen June 24, 2012 / 3:52 pm

    Sharon, you have touched my heart!
    As I read your story “Sale Of The Century” I felt the smile grow on my face with a few out burst of laughter and then tears! I thought this is so Aunt Jean! If there was a sale to have, go to or help with Aunt Jean was there!
    You were not alone at the “Sale Of The Century”, your mom was their with you helping….
    It is in memory of your mom, our Aunt who helps us to never lose sight of what is important, family and friends.
    I think hard times bring a family together when they are committed to one another…
    Thank you for reminding us and for carrying on a priceless family value of your mom’s with all of us.
    You are missed Aunt Jean…..
    Love Karen

  2. TK June 26, 2012 / 2:18 am

    Beautifully written and heart warming story!!! Thank you for sharing!!! This family, the one whom the Yard Sale proceeds will go to, is priceless to me, and countless others in our community !!!!!

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