Firecracker, Firecracker, Boom, Boom, Boom!

As I was trying to come up with a title for this post, I remembered a little cheer my sisters and I use to do. I can’t even recall how it originated, though I wouldn’t doubt if it was a song my Mom came up with. She always came up with little ditties.

I have some great memories of the 4th of July. Sparklers were always a big favorite (though the thought of handing them over to my own children to play with, makes me cringe). I loved going to my cousins’ house and taking in the village parade, it went right past their house. We always had front row seats. The best treat was watching the fireworks from their front lawn. We would always announce who the next firework was for, “The next one is for Dad!” That was always followed with many “oos” and “ahhs”.

I thought I would share a few firework photos and the settings I used. Hopefully, it will be a good starting point for anyone wanting to capture a few booms and bangs this Wednesday.

The first photo was taken in July of 2009 at Venetian Night. I don’t even know what the settings were and unfortunately I downloaded this copy from my Shutterfly sharesite, so no metadata was attached. However, I wanted to share a photo that I was very proud of taking, at the time. It’s not a bad photo. Considering it was taken hand held and I believe I was holding a child in the other arm, it’s pretty darn good.

I would like to think my firework photography has improved since then. One major difference between then and now, I would never think of taking a firework shot without a tripod. Amazing things happen when using a tripod.

Aperture – f/14       Shutter Speed – 15 sec.       Focal Length – 24mm       ISO – 200

Aperture – f/14       Shutter Speed – 10 sec.       Focal Length – 24mm       ISO – 200

Aperture – f/11       Shutter Speed – 8 sec.       Focal Length – 24mm       ISO – 200

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a wider lens or a tripod that allowed me to get even closer to the ground. However, I still like this shot. Even though I didn’t capture the entire burst, I do like being able to see the crowd enjoying the show in their lawn chairs, and that crescent moon in the far distance is pretty sweet, too.

Happy 4th! Be safe and take great pictures!!

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