Ten Reasons Why You Should Have Pictures Taken During the Fall

Happy first day of autumn! Today I thought I would share some reasons as to why you should consider having professional pictures taken during this time of year. Ten reasons, to be exact.

Reason 1 – The Colors

Nothing beats fall time in Chicago. The changing of the leaves is always an amazing site. The array of colors makes for a beautiful backdrop.

Reason 2 – The Temperature

We definitely have had our share of frigid falls and exhaustingly humid autumns, but on average the temperature is pretty nice. Upper 60s and low 70s are perfect conditions for getting out and taking pictures. It’s always nice to avoid the sweaty foreheads or the red noses (all depending on which way the thermometer is heading) when being photographed.

Reason 3 – The Flexibility

Most people think the summer is a great time to schedule pictures with a photographer. That’s until they realize that between planned vacation, baseball games, family parties and a million other summer activities, there are no more openings on the calendar.

During the fall, the calendar seems to open up. It’s very similar to the eye of a storm. It’s a whirlwind before, with summer activities and a whirlwind after, with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

Reason 4 – Holiday Cards

Pictures taken in the fall are great for holiday cards. A little more fitting than sending a picture of the family on the beach from summer vacation. Not to mention you can always find great deals in late October and early November from card companies and even photographers, trying to avoid the holiday rush.

Reason 5 – Less Crowds

Locations around the city always seem to be a little less crowded in the fall. I’m sure there are a few factors at work here: less tourists visiting, summer vacation is over, and not everyone likes the cooler temperatures. Less crowds make photo sessions move a lot smoother. Post production is easier as well, when you don’t have to Photoshop out unwanted people in the background.

Reason 6 – Sunsets

As we all know, the days get shorter a lot quicker when fall arrives. One would think this is a bad thing for outdoor photography. However, it can actually work in our favor, especially when photographing children.

Any photographer will tell you that the best time to take pictures is dawn and dusk. The best lighting conditions are available during these times. In the summer, waiting for the sun to set can be quite challenging, especially when trying to keep children awake. Fall allows for great light at a reasonable time of day. You can do some fun things with the sun as it moves closer to the horizon.

Reason 7 – Pumpkins

I don’t know of any other time during the year, where taking a picture with a piece of fruit is completely normal and at times totally expected. Pumpkins and fall time just go together and getting pictures on or near one usually turns out pretty cute.

Reason 8 – Clothing

A fall photo session allows for a greater variety of clothing options. Favorite hats and sweaters can be worn without much discomfort from warm temperatures. They then can be easily removed to add another look to your pictures.

Reason 9 – The Leaves

I’ve already mentioned how incredible the fall leaves are, when it comes to their colors. I left out the fact that they are also a great means of defense. Leaf fights and the tossing of leaves, make for great photos. I haven’t photographed a person yet, that didn’t have fun throwing leaves, especially if it was at someone. Nothing beats photographing genuine smiles.

Reason 10 – Just Plain Fun

When it comes down to it, no matter what time of year you do it, having pictures taken can be a lot of fun. Enjoying the moment and those around you is what it’s all about. Take some time out of your schedule and book a session today!

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