A Senior Session at the Morton Arboretum

My first visit to the Morton Arboretum was in November of 2008. I couldn’t believe I waited so long to make the trip out to Lisle. The kids had a blast in the Children’s Garden and I was in awe of the beautiful fall colors. Even on November 2nd, the leaves were still hanging on to many of the trees. On that day, I promised myself to make it a point to visit the Arboretum at least two or three times a year, especially in the fall.

I made it to the Arboretum in April, this year. However, my fall visit looked like it wasn’t going to happen. So, when I was asked to take some senior pictures on October 8th at the Arboretum, I didn’t hesitate.

I met this lovely family from Downers Grove at the Arboretum around 4:30pm. A perfect time of day, in October, to take pictures. The temperature was cool, yet comfortable and the winds, at times, were a little breezy.

I started taking pictures in the shade (left) and then handed the reflector to mom and she helped get some beautiful pictures of her daughter (right).

There were plenty of trees that were still very green, but we were able to locate a few colorful ones. They made for a great backdrop.

Even with all the great colors, I had to include a few black and whites in the gallery. As my photographs show, I do love color and the richness they bring to a picture. However, there is something about a black and white, that I really enjoy. It might be their simplicity. You are drawn into the subject of the picture, without being distracted by other factors.

Even though the main objective of the photo session was to capture senior pictures, we made sure to include younger sister in a few shots. These will be nice photos to have, when big sister goes away to college next year.

As we walked around Meadow Lake, I had us stop by some pretty purple flowers. I wish I could tell you what they were called, but even after taking a couple Botany classes in college, my knowledge of plant life is pretty sad. All I did know, was that they would be perfect for a picture.

Before the sun set, we took a few more pictures by the lake. I find it funny, that when my family and I are sitting on the beach in Pentwater, Michigan, watching the sun set, it seems like forever, before it dips under the horizon. Not the case when taking pictures. I had to move quickly before the sun disappeared. When it was gone that was the end of our session.

Before meeting them for the photo session, it had been about 8 or 9 years since I had seen this family. I was shocked to see the little girls I remembered, were now beautiful young women and one was soon on her way to college. After spending our visit at the Arboretum together, it was clear that I was not the only one amazed by their transformation, Mom and Dad had a hard time believing how fast their little girls had grown, as well.

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