Waiting to Go Home

My nephew, Harrison, was born on December 31st, New Year’s Eve. He wasn’t due until February 13th, my birthday. So, to say the least, he a had a little more growing to do.

It took me two weeks before I visited him in the NICU. I wanted to make sure all my cold symptoms were gone before visiting this fragile little baby. I brought him a Notre Dame hat. Even with the loss in the BCS Championship, his parents are still fans and I’m sure he will grow up to be one too. It fit him perfectly (with a little room to grow) and he preferred this hat over his hospital cap.

After an update from his mom on his progress, I began snapping away. I couldn’t get over how small Harrison was. From his tiny toes to his little fingers, he was too cute! His blanket said it all, “This is what HANDSOME looks like.”

Harrison Blog

He has now spent three weeks in the NICU and appears it may be at least one more before he can come home. We all can’t wait for Harrison to be with his family!

Click HERE to see more pictures of Harrison.

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