Child Safety ID Cards

Last week I was taking the kids to school. I usually hold the two-year-old because she can’t keep up with the quick pace. Our consistent late arrivals, usually has us in a quick sprint to the school doors. On this particular day, we brought some much needed classroom supplies, which left my hands full. So, the two-year-old was on her own. As we walked through the school grounds I was sure that everyone was right behind me. It wasn’t until we reached the school doors that I noticed my youngest was nowhere in sight. As I backtracked, I was sure I would find her, but I didn’t. I began to panic. What if she tried going back to the car? We had crossed two streets. Even though I reminded myself we were in a safe place (school grounds), I started to imagine the worst case scenarios. When I couldn’t find her outside, I quickly headed inside the school, hoping someone had found her. My heart began to beat at a normal pace, once I found her waiting for me at the main office. The whole experience didn’t even seem to phase her. I couldn’t say the same for myself.

I can’t even begin to imagine what parents of a lost child go through. With four children of my own, we have had our share of kids wandering off. However, they were always quickly found, before the authorities were needed. The thought of not knowing the whereabouts of my child, is what nightmares are made of. I was once asked what my biggest fear was and my replay, the safety of my children.

As parents, we never want to think we could possibly lose a child. However, when the unthinkable happens, its good to have important information on hand and ready to give to the authorities. Sharon Gaietto Photography is offering complimentary Child Safety ID Cards with every photo session. For any parent that is interested, a laminated card or digital file (to put on your smart phone), with all their child’s vital information will be provided, free of charge.


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