Picture Perfect Place – Lincoln Park Conservatory

The Lincoln Park Conservatory is sometimes overlooked because of its close proximity to the Lincoln Park Zoo. However, it definitely deserves a visit. If the free admission isn’t enticing enough, then the amazing scenery should suffice.

It was about 15 degrees outside when I took my youngest to the Lincoln Park Conservatory on January 31st. I met a photographer friend there and her son. We needed an escape from the cold. What better place, then a flower filled conservatory.

We enjoyed taking a moment for a smell.

LPCBlog6I got up close with some water droplets.


The flowers had no clue how lucky they were to be inside.


We had fun running around. Though there were reminders to be careful on the wet pavement. Of course, after the pictures were taken (bad mom).


The fish even wanted in, on the picture action.


Our visit only lasted a little over a hour and then someone was getting a little tired. There was to be no more picture taking. The face said it all.


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