My Sweet Nephew

This little guy was born on New Years Eve, about 8 weeks early. He spent the first two months of his life in the NICU. His newborn pictures were taken in the hospital. To say the least, I knew when he came home, the super sleepy baby pictures (you know the ones, where you can bend the baby into a pretzel and he/she won’t wake up), were not going to happen.

For the first few pictures he was sound asleep. I didn’t have the heart to take him out of his warm clothes. I knew if I tried, I would have an unhappy baby on my hands. So, we left him alone.


Then we went ahead and disturbed his peaceful slumber. What are you going to do? We needed those cute naked baby shots.


And wouldn’t you know, he stayed awake the rest of the session.


He was a trooper, though. Not much fussing. He even hammed it up for the camera.


I had a little fun with this picture. I couldn’t resist, he was flexing for the camera.


Sweet dreams little Harrison. You did an excellent job. Looking forward to taking more pictures of you as you grow!


One thought on “My Sweet Nephew

  1. kathy March 19, 2013 / 9:00 pm

    Just beautiful Harrison and pictures:)

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