I Have a DSLR Camera. Now What?

Did you just receive a new camera for Christmas or have you had your camera for awhile and haven’t even begun to learn what it’s all about? Well, do I have a class for you! “Getting to Know Your DSLR” will go over all the great features your camera has to offer. After taking this class, you will move out of the Auto setting and take your photography to another level.

Here are just a few of the topics we will be covering:

* Making a proper exposure – using aperture, shutter speed and ISO

* A brief description of all your camera’s shooting modes – P, Av, Tv, M (may be represented by different abbreviations for different camera models)

* White Balance – what it is and why it is important

* Using your built in flash

* Settings and features that will help you take great pictures – sharpness, color, composition, etc.

* Tips on taking those hard to capture photos (fireworks, fast action sporting events, night time photos and so much more).

The class is 2 hours long and will include a booklet that will cover all the material in the class and is yours to take home. Here is a description of the two classes I will be offering:

Class 1 

This class is $99 and will be held in my home,  two days each month. There will be an afternoon class and an evening class offered. This class will be a group class (or possibly a one-on-one, all depending on how many sign up). There is also a discount if you bring a friend, $175 for two! As the weather improves, this class will go on-location.

Feburary’s class will be on Tuesday, February 5th, 1pm-3pm and on Friday, February 28th, 7:30pm-9:30pm. 

Class 2

This class is $149 and will be a one-on-one class. You will need to schedule a date and time with me. I will be happy to host the class at my home or meet you at designated location. There is also a discout if you bring a friend, $250 for two!

Please email me or call to reserve your spot in a class. I will be posting future class dates on my Facebook page. However, if you would like me to email you with those dates, just let me know.



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