Lighting Options for Head Shots

Chicago Head Shots | Sharon Gaietto Photographer

I enjoyed this head shot session with this lovely theater major. I set up my usual lighting, but tried something new. It was nothing new to lighting, but new to me.

Blog1The first lighting set-up, had one light positioned at the back of the subject, at a 45˚ angle and the other in the front, at a 45˚ angle from the subject. It looked exactly like the diagram below.


The results were quite nice. The backlighting (also know as a kicker light) offered another dimension to the image.


Though this lighting worked out great, I really wanted to try something new. I went ahead and set up for clam lighting. This type of lighting is usually used in fashion photography and is a bit more glamorous. I knew my subject had the face to make this work.


As you can see, I basically placed two lights on top of each other, to illuminate the subject, from both below and above. The results were amazing. I am now a huge fan of clam lighting.


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