A Barefoot Wine Event, Honoring Sue Naiden

Chicago Photographer | Sharon Gaietto Photography

On February 8th, I headed over to Unleashed in Lincoln Park. In their second year of Soles of the Year Program, Barefoot Wine was celebrating the great work of Sue Naiden. Sue is the founder of Trio Animal Foundation, a charitable organization that assists shelters, rescues and individuals by paying the medical bills of homeless pets.


The day was spent bringing attention to the high numbers of homeless animals and those in need of medical care, due to abuse and neglect. I was amazed on the rehabilitation of these dogs. After hearing some of their stories and seeing photos of their condition when they were rescued from shelters throughout the city, it was absolutely extraordinary to see how great they all looked.


Take Hippo, for example. When she was rescued from a shelter, she barely had any fur. She was in poor health and her condition was very grave. Now she is thriving, making appearances on WGN News and just enjoying all the love she is receiving.


Sophia Bush, from the NBC series Chicago PD, also participated in the event. She spent the day with the volunteers and learned about what the Trio Animal Foundation is all about.


It was truly an honor to spend the day with Sue Naiden and see the result of her hard work and dedication to her organization and to these animals. I never saw so many happy dogs. Wagging tails and sloppy wet kisses were not hard to come by. I loved spending time with the dogs and hearing about their stories from the wonderful group of volunteers that care for them.

I look forward to doing more events with the Trio Animal Foundation and seeing these beautiful dogs find loving families.

If you would like to make a donation to Trio Animal Foundation go to www.trioanimalfoundation.org. If you would rather send a check, please send it to: Trio Animal Foundation, 516 N. Ogden Ave. Suite #199, Chicago, IL 60642. All donations are tax deductible. 

A few photos from the event made it into the magazines


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