Fun Backdrop = Fun Session

Chicago Family and Children Photographer | Sharon Gaietto Photography

When my sister-in-law wanted pictures of her youngest son for his first birthday, I suggested that we should also update the photo I took in September of 2012 (below). I didn’t want the baby of the family to feel left out. So, my session with one, was going to become a session with four.

BK14I had just gotten a couple new backdrops from LemonDrop Stop, so I thought I would incorporate at least one of them into the session with the nephews and nieces. I used the Metal Headboard Banner Cream backdrop and purchased a white quilt and matching pillow shams, from TJ Maxx. We started with the 1 year old pictures first. I didn’t want to miss out on getting the shots that were most important.


We then had the sisters pose for a few shots and then the brothers had their fun. With a 1 and 4 year old, you are bound to get some silliness.


Next, we really wanted to take full advantage of the bed backdrop. So what else would you do, but have a pillow fight and jump on the bed (without the bounce, unfortunately).



This picture is a bit of an optical illusion. Even though it looks like big brother is about to pounce on his little brother, I’m happy to say no one was harmed during this photo session. The big brother is actually jumping behind his brother, while the little brother is safely yelling a few feet away.

Who would of thought you could have so much fun on a fake bed? Well, these four sure showed how much fun it can be.

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