The Best Show in Chicago!

It was October 1999 (still a newlywed) and my sister and I were headed to the Congress Theater to attend the Poi Dog Pondering concert. It was that time of year, so we went in costumes. Jaime as the best looking Oompa Loompa I ever saw and me as the awkward looking Charlie. Our roles could not have been any more perfect. The opening act for Poi Dog Pondering was Midnight Circus.


Fast forward six years (I’m now a mother of a 6 month old), I’m entertaining some friends from San Diego. We head to the Daley Plaza to take in the Halloween festivities. We are impressed by the performances of the Midnight Circus.

Now to the present (I’m a mother of four) and we are heading to see Midnight Circus (my sister the Oompa Loompa is joining us) at Hamlin Park. I’m embarrassed to say that it is my children’s first time seeing the show, even though there have been countless opportunities. We have heard plenty about the show and we have gotten to know the family behind the awesomeness, that is, the Midnight Circus and are very fortunate to call them friends. However, nothing was going to prepare us for the event that we were about to experience.

I am thankful that I am a photographer, because there are times when I can not find the words to describe a moment, a feeling, an emotion. It’s during these times when I use my photos to tell a story. Hopefully you can get a sense of the amazing talent, thrilling performances, and overall positive energy, that oozes from Midnight Circus.















If there’s one show you can not afford to miss, it is Midnight Circus. The feeling you will have after being part of such a warm, inviting, hysterical, phenomenal, inspiring and overall amazing show, is indescribable. You better bring your camera!

There’s only a few more opportunities to see for yourself, what you’ve been missing. Check out their remaining dates! 

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