Kylie Jenner at the Grand Opening of Sugar Factory

Chicago Professional Photographer  | Sharon Gaietto Photography

In January, I photographed the grand opening of Sugar Factory in Rosemont. The crowd braved the chilly conditions, to get a glimpse of Kylie Jenner, who was joining in the celebration.


She stopped on the red carpet for a few photos and then made her way over to the screaming crowd. You most likely can not see her in the photo below. I couldn’t even see her when the swarm of fans engulfed her.


Once inside, Kylie sampled a few of Sugar Factory’s signature drinks and desserts; The 60oz Lollipop Passion Goblet (nonalcoholic, of course), the King Kong Sundae and a variety of flavorful milkshakes.


She then stepped behind the counter to serve up some ice cream to some lucky patrons. A brief stop in front of the display, where she showed off the Kylie and Kendall Couture Lollipop (with a price tag of only $26). Then back on a plane to L.A.


There was a surprise visit by Hockey Hall of Famer, Bobby Hull. He couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try the King Kong Sundae. It’s safe to say, he was pretty darn excited to dive into that monster dessert.


Around 11:30pm, Nick Cannon showed up to grab some sweets and DJ for the crowd. He got the crowd going with some “oldies”. I’m pretty sure I heard ‘Tootsie Roll’, at one point. It was then a quick taste of a cake, made specially for him and on he went to hit a few other Chicago establishments.


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