Spread the Word and Win!

You have seen it countless times on Facebook, “I want to see how many people will see this photo, please share.” Or at least something very similar. Well, I thought I would try a little experiment of my own.

It’s very simple. Share the photo that was posted on Facebook by Sharon Gaietto Photography on Monday (September 12th).


Who ever receives the most likes on that photo by Friday (September 16th @ 11:59pm), will receive a complimentary photo session with one high resolution digital image and an 8×10 print ($385 value). The session can be redeemed anytime next year.

The Rules:

  • Share the photo on your Facebook page
  • Feel free to bring as much attention as you would like to the photo
  • If someone shares the photo from your page, that is equivalent to 2 likes
  • If someone shares the photo from your page, he/she is also eligible for the complimentary session

I will do my best to keep track of each shared photo, but feel free to keep me updated and let me know how many likes you end up with.

A big thanks to me awesome niece, Samantha Hammer, for helping me come up with the idea!

Thank you for spreading the word!

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