Newborn Photographer | Studio Newborn Session

Chicago Newborn Photographer | Sharon Gaietto Photography

I met these new parents during their maternity session. As they arrived for the newborn session, they were beaming. So proud and happy to introduce their new baby girl. She was beautiful. A precious gift.



Newborn Session | Baby Boy

Chicago Newborn Photographer | Sharon Gaietto Photography

This little one was quite cooperative. He was nice and sleepy at the beginning of the session. He then woke up for a few shots at the end. Giving his mom and dad many images to choose from.


Newborn Photographer | Twin Session

Chicago Professional Photographer | Sharon Gaietto Photography

This sisters decided they would take turns napping through the session. There was a brief, very brief window, in which they both had their eyes closed. To say the least, I took full advantage of the few minutes I was given. These images give you an idea of how the closeness between these sisters did not end once they were out of the womb.






In-home Newborn Session

Chicago Newborn Photographer | Sharon Gaietto Photography

Even before this little guy came into the world, his parents knew they wanted an in-home newborn session. I was more then happy to accommodate their needs. So, the session was scheduled and off I went on a rather cold and snowy day. These new parents could not have made a wiser choice, then to stay in their nice and cozy home with their new baby boy.

It’s always nice to have a sleepy baby during the session. Though, at times that is not always the case. For this particular session, it was the best of both worlds, sleepy baby at times and other times a wide awake baby. It allowed me to grab a variety of images.






I’m a Big Sister! | Newborn Session with a Sibling

Chicago Newborn Photographer | Sharon Gaietto Photography

It is always fun to see how a child reacts to having a new baby brother or sister. So many changes to adjust to and comprehend. Once the center of attention, needing to now share the spotlight. It’s not always the easiest thing to accept. However, what is lost in being the only child is gained ten fold by being a sibling. Having a friend for life, is priceless.

It was very clear when photographing these sisters, that the bond was already strong. The kisses on the forehead and the need to give hugs, was a clear indication that this big sister loves her new baby sister.









He Makes it Look Easy

Chicago Newborn Photographer | Sharon Gaietto Photography

Anyone who has photographed a baby, knows that it is not always the easiest task. Especially, when you try to put them in rather uncomfortable poses and place them in baskets or buckets. This little guy made it look, oh so easy.



A handmade hat from Grandma looks adorable.


Was it easy?


No comment.

Newborn Session with Big Sister

Maternity and Newborn Photographer | Sharon Gaietto Photography

Last October, I photographed a very energetic 3 year old, who really enjoyed having her picture taken. It was probably one of the easiest sessions I ever had. To say the least, I was delighted when her mom told me she was expecting in February.


Now a big sister, she did a wonderful job taking portraits with her little sister. It was so cute, to see her play with her sister’s toes, pat her head and give her kisses. MollyBlog2


The baby wasn’t as cooperative as her big sister. The session started off well, but we quickly had a very unhappy baby on our hands. Luckily, we were able to have the family come back two days later. It was great that they did, we were able to grab a few more beautiful shots.



A big thanks to the Big Sister! Once again, she did an amazing job!