Family and Children Photographer | Family of Three

Chicago Family and Children Photographer | Sharon Gaietto Photographer

With all this warm weather coming this weekend, I thought it was fitting to post some images from a session I photographed on a warm June morning. Now, we’re not reaching June temperatures, but for February, we are going to be in for a treat.

I met this beautiful family at Horner Park. Their little girl was turning one and mom and dad wanted to make sure they had images to commemorate the important milestone. Her smile made this already sunny day, even brighter.



Maternity Photographer |Out of Town Guests

Chicago Maternity and Newborn Photographer | Sharon Gaietto Photographer

This expecting mother was in town from Washington, D.C., for her baby shower. So, she figured while she was in Chicago she would have maternity pictures taken. I was fortunate to be the chosen photographer. We took full advantage of the available window light and got a little artistic with the studio lighting.




Child Photographer | 6 Months and Happy

Chicago Family and Children Photographer | Sharon Gaietto Photography

This very happy 6 month old came by the studio and made my job very easy. He was so cooperative and happy, that I was able to get great shots in the first 20 minutes. It didn’t matter if he was sitting up or on his back, the smiles were endless. They were very contagious, too!




The Signs of Valentine’s Day

Chicago Professional Photographer | Sharon Gaietto Photography

When I think of Valentine’s Day a few words come to mind. So, as I perused my photos on Facebook, I picked out a few images, 44 to be exact. Why 44? It was my 44th birthday, yesterday.






Last but not least, Love!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Newborn Photographer | Studio Newborn Session

Chicago Newborn Photographer | Sharon Gaietto Photography

I met these new parents during their maternity session. As they arrived for the newborn session, they were beaming. So proud and happy to introduce their new baby girl. She was beautiful. A precious gift.



City Life | Museum of Science & Industry

Chicago Professional Photographer | Sharon Gaietto Photography

Living in a big city has its pros and cons. One of the best perks of living in Chicago are the museums and the ease it takes to get to them. A quick drive, south on Lake Shore Drive gets us to the Museum of Science and Industry in about 35 minutes from the north side. Our visit to the museum is not only a science filled adventure, but also a trip back in time. The museum is housed in the former Palace of Fine Arts from the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893.


Once inside it’s hard to decide what to see first: the tornado simulator, Newton’s Cradle, or the plasma ball.


Or maybe try out the giant hamster wheel or the wind machine. Create moving art with your body, move things with your mind or watch a toy top be made by robots. The activities are endless and the fun to be had is memorable.


After our visit, we made a quick stop just south of the museum, too see another treasure from the World’s Columbian Exposition. Located on Hayes Drive, off of Lake Shore Drive is The Statue of the Republic. Standing 24 feet high, the replica stands where the original statue stood in 1893 at 65 feet tall. The replica was constructed in 1918 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the World’s Columbian Exposition. It is spectacular and a must see!


Engagement Session | Montrose Harbor

Chicago Professional Photographer | Sharon Gaietto Photography

On this rather frigid Groundhog’s Day, I thought it would be a nice change to summarize an engagement session that I photographed on a warm June evening. The couple met me at Montrose Harbor. The views of the city from Montrose Harbor are amazing!